World Cup Mode Launched

At this point in FIFA most of you should be familiar with this term, but on the other hand it has also been nine months. So for a refresher, a starter team is created at the early stages of FUT. It is the first side that you’ll create on your World Cup journey and often features lower rated players who have stats that leverage game mechanics (pace, strength, etc.) to take advantage of other lower rated items

We have divided each of our breakdowns into five sections. The first four are by position; attack (ST, CF, LW/LF, and RW/RF), midfield (CAM, CM, RM, LM and CDM), defense (CB, LB, and RB), and goalkeeper (GK).
In each of these sections, we give a “Starter Squad Strength” rating out of 10. To arrive at this rating, we went through each nation position by position here identifying players that could slot into starter squads, while also having ratings that make them likely to pack at the beginning of the game.
We also gave upgradability rankings. “Upgradability” is our term for the potential to upgrade your starter squad with mid/upper tier players throughout the game. For example, France has an incredibly high midfield upgradability rating because of the prospects of N'golo Kante and Paul Pogba.
Finally, in the value breakdown there is “Hybrid Ability”. This rating out of 10 reflects our opinion on how easily one could make a hybrid team with multiple nations or confederations using this team as a base.

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